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Islamic Prayer Times (City Name)

 If you are a resident in (City Name), (State), (Country) then you would be finding the difficulty of getting the awareness about the Islamic prayer times (City Name) of this country. (City Name) is an international-based country and Muslims found trouble about the prayer times of this country? But we have resolved the issue you on this web page!

Prayer Times in (City Name)

By the way of this web page, we have added the Prayer Times Seattle web page with the complete list of the prayer times Seattle city. In this way, the Muslims of this city would be able to learn what sort of prayer timings they have to follow up.

Islamic Prayer Times (City Name)

Islamic Prayer Times (City Name) (State), (Country)

The whole schedule chart of the prayer times which we did mention in this web page is accurate. You would not be finding any doubt in the timings. Plus by the way of giving a view into the Prayer Times Seattle web page, you would be finding a separate portion that is meant for the Ramadan month. This portion would be giving you the details about the Ramadan schedule of various countries in the world. So this web page has been flooded with all such information which you need at the best!

Famous Conventions Methods
Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
MWL: Muslim World League
Karachi: University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi.
Makkah: Umm al-Qura University, Makkah
Tehran: Institute of Geophysics, the University of Tehran that can make you know about the prayer timings of your city.

Prayer Timing Calculation

Standard Time Zone: (TimeZone)
Country: (Country Name)
City: (City Name)

Geographic Coordinates Of(City Name) City, (Country Name)
Latitude: 47.6062° N
Longitude: 122.3321° W

Coordinates Of (City Name) City in Decimal Degrees
Longitude: 66.990501

Islamic Prayer Times (City Name)

Islam is a peaceful religion that is rapidly flourishing religion in the west. The 2nd largest religion in the world is also Islam. Its followers are over 1.8 billion which is almost 24% of the world’s population. There are 5 pillars of Islam and prayer is the second most important pillar of Islam. Muslim fast one month in a year, perform hajj once in a lifetime and pay zakah once a year while prayer is that obligation which must be fulfilled f five times a day. Even in battle, a Muslim is not exempt from this obligation. ALLAH says in Quran 2:238,-9

“Guard strictly your (habit of) prayers… If you fear (an enemy), pray on foot, or riding.”

There are a lot of benefits of prayer from which one Muslim can ever never deny.  It enriches the soul and gives peace and contentment. That makes a man humble and restrains him from pride and arrogance. Allah has associated humbleness with success. It unites the Muslim. Congregation prayer instigates humility, equality, and brotherhood among Muslims. Without any distinction of race, nationality, color, status Muslim stands together and bows to ALLAH Almighty. Khatam an-nabiyyinHazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said, “Prayer in congregation is better than praying alone by twenty-seven degrees.

Daily Prayer Times in (City), (State), (Country)
Zuhar Namaz in (City)?

Zuhar Pryaer consists of total 12 Rakat, with 4 Sunnat, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnat and 2 Nafl. Zuhar prayer (Namaz Zuhar Time) begins after zawal time. Today Zuhar Time is in (City), (State), (Country)

Asar prayer time in (City)?

Asar prayer (Namaz-e-Asr) is afternoon prayer consist of 8 Rakat: 4 Sunnat and 4 Farz. Today Asar Today Asar prayer Time is in (City), (State), (Country)

Maghrib Time in (City)?

Maghrib prayer is sunset prayer consist of 7 Rakat: 3 Farz, 2 Sunnat and 2 Nafl. Today Magrib Today Maghrib prayer Time is in (City), (State), (Country)

Isha Prayer time in (City)?

Isha prayer is night prayer consist of 17 Rakat: 4 Sunnat, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnat, 2 Nafl, 3 Witr and 2 Nafl. Today Isha prayer Time is in (City), (State), (Country)

Jummah Prayer in Islam

Similarly, Friday is a special day in Islam. In (City Name) “ Among the best of your day is Friday. So pray to Allah frequently on it to bless me, for such supplications of you will be presented to me”. The Quran also elaborates on the importance of Friday in a chapter called “Al-Jummah.

The following are some famous mosques in Seattle. Facilities, services being offered, and prayer timing enlisted here.

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