Prayer times NYC, (New York City) United State Of America

Authentic Muslim Prayer Times in New York City

Prayer times NYC

Prayer time NYC is very important for Muslims living in the United State. New York is one of the largest cities of the USA, where life is multicultural and people reside from all communities, it is a difficult task for everybody to keep track of their prayer times. New York is the fourth largest state in the United States with a population of 8.55 million. People from different religions and cultures reside there and practice their beliefs.

We as Muslims have our own prayer timings and despite living a busy life, we must know timings for prayers. Offering prayers (Salah) is essential for all Muslims. Everyone knows the significance of prayers in Islam, which is very important. In the Holy Quran, offering prayers and orders for those who do not offer their prayers is a specific issue in Islam. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that He prayed five times a day because, on the day of judgment, everyone will be questioned about Salah.

To obtain the favor and blessings of Allah, every effort should be made to offer Salah at the right time every day. The time of the prayers is as important as the call to prayer. Here are moments of Islamic prayer for New York to help New Yorkers maintain their loyalty to Allah by observing the Salah.

Offering prayer (Salah) is one of those vital and most important tasks that all Muslims must perform and follow.

Five Prayers Times NY

  • Fajr Prayer times
  • Dhuhar Prayer times
  • Asr Prayer times
  • Maghrib Prayer times
  • Isha Prayer times
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The optional prayers are Tahajjud, Ishraq, Chast, and Awwabin. These are not compulsory and anyone can offer with their own willingness. Offering prayers (Salah) is one of the most important tasks that all Muslims must carry out and follow. It is the crucial pillar of Islam. Modifying or postponing salah is permitted only under extenuating circumstances such as sickness or war.

Islamic Prayer Times NYC (New York City, USA)

Islamic Prayer times NYC s very easy to know In this world of technology. Where we are equipped with applications and gadgets for determining the Qibla Direction, Islamic Calendars and Prayer Timings; we have achieved convenience for everything we need. Prayer Times are changing even in different parts of the same country. Here we are talking about New York City, which has a number of Muslims residing and working there. They practice their religion and beliefs, of which, Salah is a crucial pillar of the religion’s foundation.

Here we are describing the timing of Prayers:

Prayer times NYC
Prayer times NYC, New York City, USA

Prayer Timing for Fajr (Morning Prayer)

It is the first obligatory prayer. It is prayed before sunrise. Our beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said:  “Two Rakahs of prayer before the Fajr (Fardh) prayer are better than the world and whatever is in it.

Being a Muslim, we all know the significance of FajrPrayer. One who offers Fajr Prayer comes under the protection of Allah Almighty. Waking up early and offering Salah is a good practice to get your day started.

Prayer Timing in NY for Dhuhr

It is the Salah Muslims pray in the afternoon. It is the second obligatory prayer. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said pertaining to Zuhr prayer:

“This is an hour at which the gates of heaven are opened, and I like that my good deeds should rise to heaven at that time.” (Tirmidhi).

In our busy routine and hectic lives, we often neglect religious obligations, but one must find time to offer at least the obligatory prayers.

Prayer Timing in New York for Asr

In one of the hadiths, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“He who observes Al-Bardan (i.e. Fajr and Asr prayers) will enter Jannah.” (Bukhari)

This Salah is the third obligatory prayer. It is said that these two prayers: Fajr and Asr are beloved to God and the one who skips these intentionally, it is like he has lost his family, health and wealth.

Prayer Times NY for Maghrib

It is the fourth obligatory prayer and it is offered at the time of dusk. Its time ends when the redness in the sky has vanished from the western horizon.

Allah Almighty sends His blessings upon a person who offers Maghrib Salah and prays it on time. It is said that the person is rewarded with wealth and goodness in the family as a reward for praying Maghrib.

Prayer Times in NYC for Isha

Isha is the fifth obligatory prayer. It is offered at night.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Whoever offers Ishasalah in jama’ah it is as though he spent half the night in worship. And whoever offers fajr salah in jama’ah it is as though he spent the entire night in worship.” (Muslim)

Mosques in New York

Here are Some famous Mosques in NYC.

  • Islamic Cultural Center of New York
  • Masjid Manhattan
  • Islamic Society of Mid Manhattan
  • Masjid At-Taqwa
  • Ahlul Bayt Mosque

Islamic Cultural Center of New York

It is located at 1711 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10029, United States. It has a capacity for 1000 people. A religious and cultural organization comprising a mosque, school, library, a lecture hall, a museum and a residence for Imam is suitable for anyone practicing Islam as a religion.

Masjid Manhattan

This mosque is located at 30 Cliff St, New York, NY 10038, United States. It is a prayer hall having a capacity of about 1000 people to pray.

Islamic Society of Mid Manhattan

It is located at 154 E 55th St, New York, NY 10022, United States. It has a separate women wing for women too. It is spacious and this mosque provides a clean and comfortable atmosphere for people who come to pray there.

Masjid At-Taqwa

It is located at 1188 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216, United States. With facilities provided such as spacious rooms, clean restrooms, separate prayer areas for women and parking, it is convenient for anyone to pray there including Jummah Prayer.

Ahlul Bayt Mosque

It is located at 543 Atlantic ave Brooklyn, NY 11217b/t 4th Ave & 3rd Ave, Boerum Hill. It facilities the Sunni as well as Shia communities to practice their faith providing them with a convenient and comfortable atmosphere.

New York City has hundreds of registered mosques, a few of them are mentioned above. In Islam, the importance of Salah comes along with the benefits of praying Salah with Jamm’ah. So, being a Muslim, if you find time to pray Salah, try to pray it with Jamm’ah.

Jummah Prayer Importance and Timings

“O you who believe! When the call to prayer is proclaimed on Friday hasten earnestly to the remembrance of God and leave aside business.  That is best for you if you but knew.” (Quran 62:9)

One obligatory prayer is the Jummah Prayer which is of great importance for Muslims. Whoever prays Jummah is always under the blessings of Almighty Allah. This prayer is essential as the religion Islam has emphasized on it. Before praying Jummah, Muslims listen to a lecture known as Khut’baah for refreshing their beliefs and mostly about things they don’t know about the religion.

Friday is considered a holy day for Muslims and it is advised by our beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) to cleanse oneself and shower before prayer especially on this day. Jummah is always prayed with Jamm’ah, under the supervision of Imam.

Prayer Timing for Jummah is basically the same time as Dhuhr in other days. So keeping in mind the Prayer timings, find a mosque nearby and pray!

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