Prayer time in Melbourne Australia

Most Accurate Prayer times in Melbourne Australia Today

Prayer Time in Melbourne City:

Prayer Time in Melbourne is a very valuable connection for all Muslims living in the well-known city of Australia. Salah is the second pillar of Islam and an important part of the Muslim religion. Salah is the one thing that separates between a Believer and a non-Believer. The main cause of humans in this world was to worship Almighty Allah but we have forgotten that lost and busy in everyday chores and routines. We have to understand the Almighty Allah need us not, we need Him. Praying is about self-recognition, creating a link with the Exalted One, and becoming a better person. If you are living in Sydney here is Prayer Times in Sydney

prayer time in Melbourne
prayer time in Melbourne

Importance of Prayer:

After faith, Salah is Islam’s most powerful pillar. It is the most important principle that every Muslim will obey to attain the will of Allah. No matter how serious the reason is, every Muslim should try his best to never lose a prayer. And if anybody skips the prayer for some reason, we can then pray it later.

Salah is essentially a dialogue with Allah, and we have to be in the right mindset and focus entirely on what we say, and that we can communicate with Almighty Allah. In the Holy Qur’an it says:

Salah is so vital that a person who prays regularly succeeds in everything he does and the person who does not pray is considered a failure. Holy Prophet’s most beloved action (Peace be upon him) is to pray Salah at the proper time. We try to provide the most accurate prayer time in Melbourne Australia

 5 Prayers in a day.

In Melbourne, City Muslims Perform 5 Prayers in a day.

  1. Fajr Prayer
  2. Duhhar Prayer
  3. Asr Prayer
  4. Maghrib Prayer
  5. Isha Prayer

Fajr Prayer Time in Melbourne:

The Fajr prayer is the first of five regular prayers (salah) that are performed every day by Muslims. It’s called a Morning Prayer

Duhhar Prayer :

The Zuhr prayer (“noon prayer”), also transliterated as Dhuhr, Duhr, or Thuhr, is the second of the five mandatory daily prayers (salah) for Muslims to perform. This comprises four units (rakabefāt) and begins after the zenith of the Sun.

Asr Prayer Times:

The Asr prayer (“afternoon prayer”) is the third of five regular prayers (salat) that are performed regularly by Muslims. The regular prayer of Asr is stated in the Quran at sura 2 (Al-Baqara), ayat 238

Maghrib Prayer time:

The Maghrib Prayer (Sunset Prayer).The prayer of the Maghrib is the Fourth of five daily prayers (salat) that Muslims regularly conduct.

Isha Prayer timing:

The prayer of Isha (“night prayer”) is the routine night-time prayer offered by the Muslims.

Mosques in Melbourne Australia:

Most of Australia’s mosques were constructed after the 1970s.In a study, it was stated that in Australia there are currently more than 340 mosques.

Here are some of the famous mosques of Melbourne:

  • Deer Park Mosque
  • Preston Mosque
  • Sunshine Mosque

Deer Park Mosque:

The Deer Park Mosque is a mosque in the northwestern Melbourne suburb of Alban vale (near the Deer Park suburb), in Victoria, Australia. The mosque is under the supervision of  The Bosnian Islamic Society of Australia. The Deer Park Mosque’s roots date back to the 1960s when Australia’s first Bosnian Muslims gathered and established a multiethnic Islamic community in Carlton and Foots Cray. Established in 1993, the Deer Park Mosque was the religious focal point for Melbourne’s Bosnian culture. Deer Park Mosque is among Australia’s largest mosques.

Deer Park Mosque
Deer Park Mosque

Preston Mosque:

The Preston Mosque, officially the Umar bin Al-Khattab Mosque, is a mosque of Sunni Islam located in Preston, Melbourne suburb, in Victoria, Australia.

The mosque is under the supervision of  Victoria Inc’s (co-located) Islamic Society (ISV), and was the seat of the late Muslim cleric, Sheik FehmiNaji El-Imam, appointed Grand Mufti of Australia between 2007 and 2011.

The Muslims would gather at a house that used to be on the property before the mosque was built. The building commenced in 1975 and was completed in 1976 the following year. Later on, the dome and minaret were added. Most of this was funded by the Muslims and Arabs of Bosnia. Over the course of the five daily prayers, about 800 people pass through the mosque each day. At least 1000 worshipers must-attend for the Friday Congregational Prayer, and if the Friday falls on a public holiday that number will easily rise to 1500 worshipers. After the death of Sheik FehmiNaji El Imam on 24 September 2016, Mohamad Mahmoud AbouEid was the Sheik for the Preston Mosque until he was done.

Preston Mosque
Preston Mosque

Sunshine Mosque:

The Sunshine Mosque is an Ottoman / Turkish-style mosque located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia suburb of Sunshine. The mosque includes 17 domes, a minaret and a courtyard, Victoria’s Turkish Islamic Community of Cyprus owns the mosque.

In 1985, Melbourne’s Turkish Cypriot community saw the potential for building a mosque on a vacant block on Ballarat Road in Sunshine, Melbourne. Three members of the Turkish Islamic Society of Cyprus offered their homes to the Bank as guarantors and became the owners of the lot for $191,000. In 1992, construction began of the Turkish Cypriot Mosque. The mosque was designed to mimic the Mosque of Sultan Ahmed in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sunshine Mosque
Sunshine Mosque

 Jummah Prayer Timings:

The most important prayer of the week is the Jummah prayer. We ‘re praying in at Dhuhr time on Friday. The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) defined in the Hadith the virtues of Friday prayer as:

“As Friday arrives, at every Masjid ‘s door there are Angels who write down (names of) those who come first, and then who arrives next. When the Imam has sat down, Records are closed and the alert comes to say” (MUSLIM 1984)

Facts AboutJummah Day

Friday or Jummah is also regarded as the lord of the week, considered the most important days of the week. Below we’ll cover some of the Jummah or Friday Day virtues and facts.

prayer time in Melbourne
Jummah Prayer Preparation
  • On the day of Jummah Muslims give the congregational prayer which is a compulsory act in Islam and one of the biggest gatherings of Muslims.
  • Someone will give charity on Jummah Day (Friday) because it is more honorable to give charity on this day than every other day.
  • This Friday’s noble day one will be performing good deeds.
  • A Muslim gets the privilege of both praying Qiyaam (i.e., the night prayer) and fasting a full year when he walks to attend Friday sermon.
  • For every day of the week, bar Friday, Hell is fired-up as a show of honor and reverence for Jummah day.
  • It is highly bountiful and obligatory for every Muslim to listen to the Khutbah or Friday Sermon before the Jummah prayer.
  • On Prophet Muhammad (SAW) every one of us will send loads of Durood. This is the best way to get closer to Almighty God.
  • On Jummah Day one will recite the Surah Al-Kahf.
  • Make lots of Duas on this Friday (Jummah) blessing day as surely Allah ( SWT) will grant them. But we must remember that Allah Almighty accepts those best for us Duas.

In short, Jummah or Friday day is the blessed day of the week we should try to spend it the way Allah Almighty specified in the Holy Quran and we should also try to perfect our Friday prayers according to Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW’s) Sunnah methods.

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